Part Pin to Pin Compatibility Function Package PDF
IN74VHC00D TC74VHC00D Quad 2-Input NAND Gate SO-14
IN74VHC02D TC74VHC02D Quad 2-Input NOR Gate SO-14
IN74VHC08D TC74VHC08D Hex Inverter, OC SO-14
IN74VHC32D TC74VHC32D Quad 2-Input AND Gate SO-14
IN74VHC74D TC74VHC74D Quad 2-Input OR Gate SO-14
IN74VHC125D TC74VHC125D Quad 3-State Buffer SO-14
IN74VHC126D TC74VHC126D Quad 3-State Buffer SO-14
IN74VHC240DW TC74VHC240D Octal Buffer/Line Driver, INV (3-State) SO-20
IN74VHC241DW TC74VHC241D Octal Buffer/Line Driver, NINV (3-State) SO-20
IN74VHC244DW TC74VHC244D Octal Buffer/Line Driver NINV (3-State) SO-20
IN74VHC373DW TC74VHC373D Octal D-Type Latch (3-State) SO-20
IN74VHC374DW TC74VHC374D Octal D-Type Flip-Flop (3-State) SO-20