Part Pin to Pin Compatibility Function Package PDF
IN74LS04N CD74LS04N Hex Inverter DIP-14
IN74LS04D CD74LS04D Hex Inverter SO-14
IN74LS05N CD74LS05N Hex Inverter, OC DIP-14
IN74LS05D CD74LS05D Hex Inverter, OC SO-14
IN74LS06N CD74LS06N Hex Inverter/Buffer with High-Voltage Output, OC DIP-14
IN74LS06D CD74LS06D Hex Inverter/Buffer with High-Voltage Output, OC SO-14
IN74LS07N CD74LS07N Hex Buffer with High-Voltage Output, OC, 30 V DIP-14
IN74LS07D CD74LS07D Hex Buffer with High-Voltage Output, OC, 30 V SO-14
IN74LS14N CD74LS14N Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverter DIP-14
IN74LS14D CD74LS14D Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverter SO-14
IN74LS86N CD74LS86N Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate DIP-14
IN74LS86D CD74LS86D Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate SO-14
IN74LS138N CD74LS138N 3-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer DIP-16
IN74LS138D CD74LS138D 3-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer SO-16
IN74LS157N CD74LS157N Quad 2-1 Data Selector/Multiplexer DIP-16
IN74LS157D CD74LS157D Quad 2-1 Data Selector/Multiplexer SO-16
IN74LS161AN CD74LS161AN 4-Bit Binary Counter DIP-16
IN74LS161AD CD74LS161AD 4-Bit Binary Counter SO-16
IN74LS164N CD74LS164N 8-Bit Parallel-Out Shift Register DIP-14
IN74LS164D CD74LS164D 8-Bit Parallel-Out Shift Register SO-14
IN74LS244N CD74LS244N Octal Buffer/Line Driver, NINV (3-State) DIP-20
IN74LS244DW CD74LS244DW Octal Buffer/Line Driver, NINV (3-State) SO-20
IN74LS245N CD74LS245N Octal Bus Transceiver, NINV (3-State) DIP-20
IN74LS245DW CD74LS245DW Octal Bus Transceiver, NINV (3-State) SO-20