Cooperation in Foundry business.
We can provide for ou our Capacity for ICs and Semiconductor Devices manufacturing (in case if you or your partners have some new design of ICs and Semiconductor Devices but have not facility for production). Wecan adapt and produce on our Factory ICs only for you (you will beowner of the product in this case).

Our opportunities in Foundry are:
· Layout (GDSII data) adaptation according to Integral's Design Rule
· Photo mask making according to your GDSII
· Wafers production with your IC's and Semiconductor Device's Design ( 0.5 -1.2 Design Rules on 4" & 6" wafers)
· Testing (probe)
· Analysis
· Assembling
Contact information:
Phone:   (+375 17) 398 35 62
Fax:       (+375 17) 398 15 02